Fumi Abe solo exhibition

What I most want to draw is a self-portrait.
However, it is not a self-portrait that is generally captured. In a word, it is a self-portrait that draws oneself extremely close to one's soul and it is a self-portrait of the spirit.

To draw that, I mostly choose a motif of the human head. My expression on a face is a mental image.

To accommodate my gaze conversing with the spiritual world, I focus intensely on drawing eyes. The eyes drawn within pictures are, at the same time, the eyes gazing at myself and yet they are also my eyes .

Even when the content is the same, different mediums bring a change in the time that flows between the painting and the artist during the production, and the mood and speed of the voice coming out of the painting.
While I feel those differences, I converse with and confront the screen.

I fight with the head and the eyes gazing at me within the painting through the production. That is to say, it is to keep confronting myself.

By exhibiting these works, the viewers meet again with another self that is within themselves and impossible to isolate. And I believe they meet me within myself. That is what I hope.

And I would be delighted if this place becomes your spiritual home, if possible, for another self who is irreplaceable for yourself.
I believe the soul converses with the soul through paintings.

“ face and dots ” 910×727㎜ oil on canvas
“ Arrange eyes ” 652×530㎜ oil on canvas
“ point and eyes ” 530×455㎜ oil on canvas
“ Two people ” 530×455㎜ oil on canvas
“ face and dots ” 910×727㎜ oil on canvas