Leo Sasaki solo exhibition -fantasy and reality-

The work is inspired by artifacts and imaginary creatures that have been conceived and created by people in the past.
Sasaki thinks about how the creations and creations created by people were imagined and created, and by imagining the future, he think the future that will eventually become reality.
This is the first solo exhibition at Gallery Hirota Fine Art.
In this exhibition, about 10 new artworks will be exhibited, including three-dimensional works made of glass and flat works made for the first time.

【 exhibitoin infomation 】

「 Leo Sasaki solo exhibition -fantasy and reality- 」

25/oct/2019 - 9/nov/2019
11:00-19:00 (closed on sunday)

at Gallery hirota fine art
(7-3-15 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo 104-0061 JAPNA)
TEL : +81-3-3571-1288

" three eyes robot " 20.0×7.2×7.0㎝ glass 2019
" A robot that moves forward " 16.5×4.5×7.0㎝ glass 2019
" Beyond the car " 8.5×23.5×9.5㎝ glass 2019
" Kraken " 27.5×23.0×2.5㎝ glass 2019
exhibition image
" Tower of Fantasy world " 35.0×21.0×7.5㎝ glass 2019
" Tools across the sea " 6.0×29.0×5.0㎝ glass 2019