Hiroaki Kano received a doctorate from the University of Tsukuba and stayed in Florence for two years. He is a very talented writer who is currently working as an associate professor at Nara University of Education.
This exhibition is based on the concept of "The Announcement" by 15th-century Italian painter Francesco del Cossa.
When he was looking at the "The Announcement" in the book, it seemed that Archangel Gabriel's gesture was pushing a button. And he got the vision that the Virgin Mary would explode.
It is not an explosion such as destruction and violence, but an imaginary and vital explosion.
He draws "Gabriel pushing the button" as a symbol of "selection" and "betting", and at the same time creating the only reality, this "selection" and "betting" that will become the turning point to create countless possible worlds, he trying to express it positively.

爆発するマリア 12F.jpg

【 exhibition infomation 】

27/sep - 12/oct /2019
11:00-19:00 (closed on sunday)

at Gallery hirota fine art