We will hold a charity exhibition of Tomoyuki Kambe 's new works in a size of strip paper from 10/12/2021-10/17/2021 in our online store. We received Mr. Kambe's suggestion if he can donate money to doctors, nurses and other medical personnel engaged in the treatment of COVID-19 pandemic virus infection. As a result, we decided to hold a charity exhibition and will exhibit around 10 new works in a size of strip paper. About sales, we will donate full amount to "Japanese Red Cross Medical Center", as a foundation to support medical staffs in COVID-19 pandemic.

Duration: 10/12/2021 10:00 - 10/17/2021 18:00
We appreciate you understand it might be sold out before the end of time.
In October, we will open a special page on our online store for you to watch charity works. About that detailed information, please click here. ONLINE STORE