• Afterimage of Drifting Memories

    Afterimage of Drifting Memories

  • Since the Beginning

    Since the Beginning

  • Day-to-Day II

    Day-to-Day II

    To be paired with Day-to-Day I. Like the first piece, the subjec...

  • Day-to-Day I

    Day-to-Day I

    To be paired with Day-to-Day II. By drawing myself in my day-to-...

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once Upon A Time

    When pondering what is necessary for humans to exist and what ma...

  • Warm


  • Bird


  • Hope


  • Shiro and Makuro

    Shiro and Makuro

  • Side Profile #9

    Side Profile #9

  • Blue World

    Blue World

  • Flickering Snowflakes

    Flickering Snowflakes

  • Wish Upon A Star

    Wish Upon A Star

  • Snow Moon

    Snow Moon

    This is the view from my alma mater. December is known as the 's...

  • Far, Far Away

    Far, Far Away

    This is the view from the prep school I attended in preparation ...

  • Time to Get Up

    Time to Get Up

    The colder it gets, the harder it is to get out of bed. 'I don't...

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    This piece is the product of my desire to directly capture the e...

  • Yamayamayamakari


    There are now so many more opportunities and ways to view and ap...

  • Side Profile #10

    Side Profile #10

    Intrigued by how people can have their gaze drawn elsewhere, I r...

  • Softly


  • Makuro-Fuji (Rat)

    Makuro-Fuji (Rat)

    The inspiration for this piece came from that time when I put a ...

  • That's Not What I Want

    That's Not What I Want

    The face my cat Shiro pulls when she is not fond of the food I g...

  • Huh? There's Nothing There.

    Huh? There's Nothing There.

  • Sisters


    Shiro, originally a stray cat, had a sister named Kuro. They wer...

  • momentary #1

    momentary #1

  • The Sound of You

    The Sound of You

    Out of the five senses, I think hearing is the most special when...

  • Plentiful


    To be paired with Steady Snowfall. Compared to where I was born ...

  • Steady Snowfall

    Steady Snowfall

    To be paired with Plentiful. I attempted to capture the way the ...

  • Makuro, Upside-Down

    Makuro, Upside-Down

    Right-side up or upside down, my cat is cute.

  • A Silent Place

    A Silent Place

    The sight of birds gathering at dusk and forming a flock gives r...

  • Far Away

    Far Away

  • A Quiet New Year

    A Quiet New Year

    Obon and New Year's celebrations are irrelevant to cats. They sl...

  • An Ordinary Winter Day

    An Ordinary Winter Day

  • Sleepy Eyes

    Sleepy Eyes

    When it is cold outside and you are sat in a warm place, you ine...

  • Dreaming of Big Fish

    Dreaming of Big Fish

    They say that cats also dream while they sleep. My cat Makuro is...

  • Quietly and Steadily

    Quietly and Steadily

  • I Won't Forget

    I Won't Forget